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The Dunedain of Arnor buried the Witch-king and the other Nazgul

The High Fells of Rhudaur was the location of the tombs made for the Nazgûl, created following their defeat at the hands of the Men of Arnor.

The High Fells were located in Rhudaur, one of the successor states of Arnor

Trollshaws would be found to the north of the High Fells

Described more as a prison of the dead than as a grave, the tombs were located north of the Trollshaws within the boundaries of the old kingdom of Rhudaur; near the source of the river Hoarwell and south of the Coldfells.


Gandalf and Radagast investigated the High Fells of Rhudaur only to find the tombs of the Nazgul empty, which finally concluded the true identity of the Necromancer

When Gandalf was on the edge of Mirkwood, he was telepathically contacted by Galadriel, who told him to search the High Fells to confirm the truth of Radagast's story to see if the Enemy had returned. He left Thorin and Company to venture into the forest alone and went to investigate the tombs of the fallen Kings who became the Nazgul. He contacted Radagast to meet him there, and what they found was the tombs were empty. Gandalf surmised that the Necromancer was no mere sorcerer.